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Kimberly Ben is a versatile Freelance Artist and accomplished Communications Specialist with a rich background in diverse fields. Graduating from the University of Baltimore with a focus on Digital Communication, Kimberly began her journey by collaborating with the Assistant Dean in the Office of Community Life, where she played a pivotal role in planning and promoting campus events centered around mental and physical wellness.

Transitioning to Baltimore City Hall, Kimberly quickly ascended to the role of Lead Graphic Designer & Communications Specialist for former District 7 Councilman, Leon F. Pinkett III. Here, she skillfully translated Mr. Pinkett's vision into impactful visual narratives, fostering clear communication between him and the residents of District 7 through graphic design, photography, and social media engagement.

Upon earning her Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communication in 2019, Kimberly dedicated herself to freelance work, focusing on revitalizing small black-owned businesses in Baltimore through strategic rebranding initiatives.

In her most recent role as Communications and Outreach Coordinator for a non-profit organization in Howard County, Kimberly provided comprehensive graphic design services across various mediums, executed effective public relations strategies, and curated engaging web content. Through her efforts, she successfully conveyed the importance of environmental conservation and workforce development, rallying audiences to participate in impactful direct action events across Maryland.

Continuously seeking growth and development, Kimberly is currently enrolled in a Full-Stack Software Developer Certification course and HubSpot Sales and Service Hub Certification courses.

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